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Friday, 8 September 2017

THE ZERO PARTY-SYSTEM -The way forward

We all want a good country, a country free of corruption.
I strongly believe that if there is a change of constitution, the corruption will be at it barest minimum.

Imagin we've been using that constitution for years with little amendments and yet the country is getting worse.
Yes,the constitution could also be amended, I'm talking on the case of Political parties/Party

I strongly believe that changing the party system adopted by Nigeria can as well reduce the level of
corruption. I know dozens of people will disagree to this idea.
Nigeria since independence has operated "Mainly two" types of party system, Which are "Two party
system and multi-party system".
You know as years goes by,humans are bound to figure out the way forward.
Now a question is been asked, Has Nigeria ever operated a Zero party system?. Thoughts going through the minds of many will be on military rule,But you ought to know that that Zero party system is a Democratic and civilian government.
I'd suggest there should be a try for a Zero party system based on individual charismatic abilities. I
believe there are a lot of individuals with great charisma that do not need a political party to function.
A President/Governor or a public office holder can
be. good But due to the level of corruption in the political party, the reverse can be the case.
Remember the Bible talked something about
"walking in the counsel of the Ungodly/corrupt "
We've seen the arguments between the multi- party system and the one-party system. Some of
us support a democratic, multiparty government,
others support an efficient single party
government. Yet time and time again, as these
two parties have clashed, we've not seen a
person suggest a zero-party system. Now when
you hear this do not think that I am suggesting
an anarchy, nor am I suggesting totalitarianism.
I am suggesting that a government can exist
without the need for large coalitions of people
voting one way or another, and instead, with
individuals voting the way they believe is best. A
government need not exist with political blocs, it
can do very well without them. This is not to say
that nobody will have a hand in the government,
merely that individuals will have to vote for
individual members of the government (should
there be a representative government) based
upon those persons' ideas and promises. Or it
could be so done that a system of mandatory
public service be emplaced in order to give every
citizen an equal chance of serving in the
Now adays people cast their votes for the love of
political parties,not What the individual
candidates can do.If for instance the party image
is deteriorated and a very good candidate comes
from the party,do you think the party can be
voted in? Definitely not.!
Either way, to me, a zero-party system would be
far more preferable in Nigeria.

Compiled by: Ekweka Uche

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