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Monday, 27 November 2017

Latest: Catastrophe in FUO as two persons die from...... (Full Story)

FUO and the community was held to a siege between Saturday and Sunday as members of rival cult groups were killed

During the process of accreditation of the supposed NANs election which involved about 84 institutions under the NANs zone B chapter. A nefarious act was perpetuated by a member of a cult against another rivalry cult during the process of campaign and recognition of present bodies.
During this process a student from one of the institution in Akwaibom was gunned down, thus the issue escalated and was too hot for the police and school security to handle, until the arrival of soldiers who cubed the issues after chasing the suspected bodies away and arresting several other among the person arrested was the Akwaibom SUG president. The Student who was shot was later rushed to FMC Yenagoa and was under treatment until Sunday morning when he gave up the ghost.
The perpetuator of the act was unidentified by the police and was not arrested.

About 3pm noon of yesterday the cult whose members was gunned down had their revenge, also killing a member of suspected cult who killed their man. The fellow was shot directly by the neck and died at the instance. Still the perpetuator escaped arrest due to the rowdiness of the ground after the gun shot.

The election was concluded and the police drove out everyone out of the crime scene.

Pictures couldn't be gotten due to the unfriendly environment.
Report says peace is gradually returning back to the community

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