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Saturday, 22 June 2019


Dera's Talk first official message to Debekeme

On Monday 17th of June, Comrade Debekeme Kojo Debekeme and his executive members were duly sworn  in as the third  SUG executive government in the history of the Student union in the university.

It is of note, that you president Debekeme had an almost easy ride to the position of the president. That even before 12pm on the election day you had already been seen as the winner to both voters and observers

Now you have won your election, it is pertinent to point out that you have won the battle but now it is time to win the war. The battle was you winning the heart of majority of the students to vote for you but winning the war depends on you maintaining the love they gave to you during the election. That itself is quite a task to achieve but it is achievable.
How do you win the war Mr. President?

First and foremost, you said during your campaign and even during the swearing in, that  your government is an "all inclusive government." It would be a sad turn of events if we as students no longer feel included in the dealings of the government of the day. So Mr president, your word should be kept. Further more, if there's one thing you must learn from the caretaker committee that handed over power to you, is 'diplomacy'  you must be highly diplomatic. The commitee led by Comrade Barry Ikosimi was highly diplomatic in their dealings with both students and the school management and if you noticed, they were able to work to at least  a good degree expected of them. Don't go all out attacking everything that doesn't go in line with your path  just because you want to be a vibrant leader. Be highly diplomatic first!

Two, Mr President you must understand that students are not always right!  It isn't everything the students demand from the school management that you should take up. Sometimes students would come crying to you for things which are senseless.
Thirdly,  Work with smart people. Mr president you and I know that not everyone who worked with you during your campaign deserves an appointment in your government. The first mistake you would make would be to  appoint everyone who made your today possible!
Lastly,  You can't always please everyone. Trying to please everyone would make you end up pleasing no one. You must try as much not to attach emotions to your dealings in those who always come to you. You would offend a lot of people, so be ready to fight the good fight.

I wish you a successful tenure Mr President

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